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Just a tumblr girl, living in her lonely world populated by wizards, tributes, demigods, consulting detectives, gays, manga characters, singers and actors.
You can find me on the other side of the mirror, still waiting for that midnight train. Don't dream it, be it!
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I was reading Deathnote 6 when I stumbled upon thisimage

I can’t stop laughing likeimage

Look at his faceimage

It’s like he’s saying “Achievement Unlocked: Gain 2 friends” image

And people ask why I love L

People ask you why you love L? L??

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Is it Weiss that I read this with an accent

Omfg luciferslittlesister this is just us. I want a pet now :’)
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Best of Crowley in First Born

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We’re falling to the ground

a common stereotype is that trans women are just man in dresses. having trans women played by man in dresses reinforces that. and of course society should seek to transcend stereotypes and appreciate diversity. it's good to respect people, don't you think? after all, trans women are real women, not men in dresses. :) I mean, I think it's important to be kind, but you don't have to agree with me if you don't want to.

I agree with you, there is a big stereotype on trans people: they actually are mostly seen as men dressed like women. But I’m deeply convinced that this oscar is still important to gain the attention of all the other people who have a different opinion on the “trans topic”, in many cases because they are just not informed correctly or because, Unfortunately, they don’t have our same sensibility.
In a certain way the film represents trans people in a “classical way”, but maybe this is the best way to introduce the topic, because people are quite familiar to this idea and they can concentrate on the story, the feelings and the all the reasons who make someone believe he/she should be male or female, independently from the body they are born with. This is the only way we can convince them, as you said, that trans people are not men dressed like women, but REAL women.
I can be certain of one point only: this oscar ISN’T meant to foment stereotypes or to disrespect trans people, and Jared Leto is a fantastic actor who DESERVES this award because it rewards his capacity of acting. Quoting a post I reblogged yesterday, “complaining about Jared not being a transgender is like pretending that all the people with cancer should be played by actors that really have cancer”.
I think (and I hope) this oscar will improve the opportunities for trans actors in the cinema; however, if a transgender plays the role of a transgender we all hear people complaining “they are limited and discriminated because of their sexuality”… In conclusion, there is always someone complaining, and, this time, I think they’re complaining for the wrong reasons.